Thursday, March 5, 2015

One More Double Wedding Ring Quilt (and free pattern)

I keep discovering quilts I made so long ago, already gifted and forgotten about. Remember, I was an editor for Quilt Magazine for 14 years! All that meant was that as fast as I could sew, my quilts were published. I really didn't "edit". I just created! Hundreds of quilts and even more how-to articles. I loved working for Quilt (no longer in publication) because they didn't take over my designer rights. I own ALL THE RIGHTS to all the projects I've ever made. That means I can share them freely on this blog.

Here is a little quilt that still makes me smile. It appeared in the 2003 issue of Quick Quilts Magazine (and on the cover, too). This collection of fairies and blenders is from Benartex Fabrics. Don't you just love this?

Double Wedding Ring quilt: 30" x 30"
The large melon shapes are of a single fabric (and not pieced). Yes, there is curved piecing but not as much as you might think. And, guess what? Because I was the Queen of Shortcuts, I decided that I would make the center and then applique the entire four block unit to the light blue background square! Clever, huh?

Yes, I did say FREE PATTERN. Why not download it and try your hand at this four block quilt. The blocks are 15" (and overlap). Making just four blocks might take "Double Wedding Ring Quilt" off your bucket list, right?

Click this link and the 7 page pdf is yours: Fairy Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Windham Wednesdays - Two Finishes

Just a quick post today with some FINISHES! They both were from patterns I designed and they are FREE if you want to try your hand at them.

The first is from the Far Far Away Collection by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics. I blogged about this last year and the fabrics still speak to me. They spoke to my friend Jeannine D. and she decided she wanted to make a baby quilt using those same fabrics. Here is the original pattern:

Princess and the Pea: 59" x 85"
I patterned it for Heather Ross and Ann Sullivan. They sewed as they saw fit; I had some fits trying to standardize it for a pattern! But the pattern is available on the Windham site.

Jeannine decided to make it for a BABY and so reduced the size to 2/3. Here is her beautiful quilt. Don't you just love how she used her leftovers for a scrappy binding?

Princess and the Pea by Jeannine D (can you see the PEA?)
 She used an allover meander stitch.
Notice the quilting she did at my house on my HandiQuilter sitdown!
And here's the wonderful backing fabric. Notice her label tucked into the binding. No handwork - yes! She is proud of herself and I loved seeing this quilt come together. It did help that I had some extra fabric when she ran short. She knows that my stash is her stash!

Back of the quilt
Now for my second finish. Do you remember those paper pieced Coffee Cups patterns? My niece asked for four of them in the green. I obliged and quilted them for her, too. They are in Spring green - though it's doing us NO GOOD because Old Man Winter is still here with ice and sleet and snow. Go AWAY Old Man!!

Paper Pieced Coffee Cups using the Mimosa Collection
Would you like the free pattern? These are 7" squares and are quick to make: Coffee Cups Pattern
Go see my original 9 blocks in all the colors. They are sure to usher in Spring, right?

Come back tomorrow for another free pattern. It's not paper piecing, so don't roll your eyes, ok?

Thanks for letting me share two finishes today.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunbonnet Sue Wishes for Spring

Sigh. Big sigh. Snow, ice and rain keep reminding me that Spring is NOT here yet. March is here and my Galaxy of Stars block was revealed yesterday. But, I remembered that March comes in like a roaring lion, and I'm tired of hearing it if you want to know the truth!

Let's talk about Sunbonnet Sue. She looks like she has discovered spring in this bed sized quilt below. Can you see all those flowers? I've added a new pattern at my Craftsy site of a Sunbonnet Sue bed sized quilt (104" x 114", with 14" blocks). This is NOT a quick quilt to make, but it's fun. I made it quite a few years ago and I no longer own it. What do you think?

Sunbonnet Sue bed sized quilt
Sunbonnet Sue and her flower
The pattern is a 7 page pdf with full size traceable templates. Notice that the side blocks are turned so Sue can always remain upright. It sells for $5.00.

Now let me show you a few other Sunbonnet Sue creations I've made. I made the block smaller and got creative with the borders. This is also at my Craftsy site ($1.99).

Sunbonnet Sue quilt with a 10" block
I had a little appliqued block from years ago and I added ruffles to it for a mini quilt. I had this in a blog hop last year (Ruffles and Stuff).
Sue with some ruffles
Tiny 3-1/2" block with ruffles added before adding the stuffing
If you click on that link you can see how I put this together (and get a peek at my little granddaughter and the ruffled skirt I made for her).

And last is one small quilt I made using my Pfaff embroidery machine and a Sunbonnet Sue pattern. This is one of my favorites, even though it used a bazillion yards of thread!

Sunbonnet in 1930s reproduction fabrics and authentic feedsack for the border
In searching my computer, I just discovered I have several other patterns for Sunbonnet Sue! I might bring them out and scatter them around to scare off Old Man Winter. Do you think it will work?

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of happy color and thoughts of Spring.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Galaxy of Stars BOM - March Block

Lucky Star, March Block of the Month

Today is March 1 and I have had to write this entire page again. The link to the Block of the Month was broken and when I went back in to fix it, the WHOLE PAGE disappeared. So this will be brief!

This is called Lucky Star (on my unlucky day, btw). I am truly sorry to those who came early in the morning looking for the latest block. Here is the file for the rotary cutting:

Lucky Star - One page pdf of the 12" block

I also promised the patterns for the four 6" blocks used in the setting later on. These are Sawtooth Stars and you can also find the pdf for these also:

6" Sawtooth Stars
Again, to those who came and found a different page, my apologies. If you have captured a picture of the page as I had it, can you send me a screen shot?

I may come back in to "massage" this page again. But, you can get the all important files here, and that's why you came anyway, right? (Or that's what those comments told me!)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Windham Wednesdays on Thursday

It doesn't matter what day it is if I'm having another GIVEAWAY, now does it? Remember, I promised to give away a free Gee's Bend pattern once a week for the month of February. (Go to the end of this post to learn how to enter this last giveaway of these patterns. But please look at my pictures first.) Last week's winner was Beth A. from Washington (state). She chose the Medallion Variation:

Medallion Variation Quilt: 52" x 76"
I'm back with some more of that awesome Mimosa Collection. This time I cut out a bazillion melons using my Double Wedding Ring tool (OK, not a bazillion, but it seems like it when you are cutting them one by one).

All the red fabrics from the Mimosa Collection
What am I going to do with them? Well, I have an idea that has to do with an Orange Peel block.
Two template set in my EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern
 I have used that center melon for a LOT of quick quilt projects. You can see below how I use fusible webbing on the wrong side of the fabric and trace around the simple shape.

Melon shape in my EZ Double Wedding Ring pattern & template set
Yes, I'm still talking about Double Wedding Ring patterns. I have made several in the past 3 years:

Double Wedding Ring Blossoms (four 12" blocks)
A single block quilted
Table Runner using both patches
And do you remember Flower Power from the 60's Blog Hop last year?

Flower Power with a printed motif from an old Lakehouse fabric
Yes, I do sell this pattern set. No, you can't find it on my web site. It has both acrylic templates, patterns for both green and black projects, the pink and green runner and ideas for arranging these awesome shapes into other variations. $15, plus $2 postage USA addresses; international, contact me first.

I take orders via PayPal.

Now, if you want to be entered into the Gee's Bend pattern giveaway, just leave a comment below. Contest is over tonight at midnight and I will contact the winner some time tomorrow. If I don't hear back by Friday, I will choose another person. If you're a no-reply comment, I have no way to contact you (sigh).

The giveaway is NOT the template set. There is some misunderstanding about this, which tells me people aren't reading my WORDS. I will have a giveaway of the DWR template set sometime in the future, but TODAY'S giveaway is a GEE'S BEND PATTERN. Got it?

Thanks for joining my quilts today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More Double Wedding Rings and a Tutorial

When I got married in 1977 to my dearly beloved, it was a double wedding ring ceremony. Simple rings, simple ceremony. It was in Africa and a garden affair (actually someone's lovely back yard). Most quilters imagine a Double Wedding Ring quilt to be daunting and I agree - unless you find some shortcuts. And I'm the queen of shortcuts!

Two years ago I was sent a collection from Blank Fabrics called Mariko.

From the Mariko Collection by Blank Fabrics
I combined them with some blenders also from Blank called Rock Candy:
Rock Candy Blenders
I used the pattern I shared on Monday and foundation pieced 8 wedges:

Foundation pieced DWR wedges
(A mistake to photograph these on my green cutting mat!)

Then I began to sew these to the melon shapes, squares and concave background pieces. SLOW is the operative word, I assure you!

Sew one paper pieced unit (with paper removed) to the center melon
Sew background piece to another pp wedge; now add corner squares
Add a background unit to the first section with the melon attached. And what do you get?

In looking at this picture again (photographed 2 years ago), I realized that I didn't like this arrangement! Can you see the difference between the picture right below and the finished quilt? Yes - I decided to leave one of the curved paper pieced arcs without the floral background piece. Repeat 3 more times and NOW we have the finished table topper (last picture). This is what happens when you abandon a project for 2 years!

One quarter of my DWR table topper
Double Wedding Ring table topper
I have used bias binding only a handful of times in my 30 years of quilting. For this, I HAD TO use bias binding. Whew! I was sweating bullets, for sure.

See? It's not that overwhelming. Of course, I did not make a bed sized quilt. I just satisfied my desire to both work with those fabrics and to see how a DWR unit would look.

I will be sharing some more Double Wedding Ring creations in another day or so. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Double Wedding Ring Revisited

I keep coming back to some paper pieced Double Wedding Ring (DWR) arcs that I've been working on for about 6 years. I guess I'm not in a hurry. I've made quite a few DWR quilts over the years. My initial thoughts were - let's simplify! One of my first was this quilt (which is now a Craftsy pattern):

Shotgun Wedding Ring
I know this is a big picture, but I wanted you to see the quilting on it. Amazing, isn't it? Michele Wyman of Acworth, GA quilted this for Susan Fisher, who made it. It appeared in my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts. I called it SHOTGUN WEDDING RING because it was quick to make.

Those melon shapes have a fused backing and are raw edge appliqued. The blocks are 15" square. (This quilt has 12 blocks) The multi-page, well illustrated pattern ($5.00) also includes a full page line drawing so you can color in your fabric choices.

Here is another DWR quilt I made eons ago. It is a rag quilt with the edges of the melons fraying in the washing machine:

Rag quilt from years ago
 And now back to the paper pieced arcs:

Pre-cut patches for each piecing
OK, Debby.  Where did you get the pattern? I confess: sometimes I like to work with someone else's pattern (like once every 5 years) and don't want to bother drafting my own. This is a FREE pattern from McCall's Quilting. I altered it for my own use, but the size and # of patches is the same.

You will need to download TWO files. One is for the instructions (with the picture of the quilt) and the other is for the templates and foundation. Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt is the page where you'll see a lovely picture of the quilt and shows both links.

Here are a few of my units. I'll share more later this week.

Whew! Two arcs and two squares make one unit
 And then what do you do?

Make some of these, too
Stay tuned. I made some of these in some Asian prints. I also used some of the parts to make some interesting blocks (Patty's Summer Parasol). I'll take some more photos and share them.